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Is this the way a toy feels when its batteries run dry?

and I'm going apple picking with scooby doo..

My thought's are choking on you my dear
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The name's Angela.
I'm supposed to be Senior at Bradley University.
I'm the youngest of four and am spoiled rotten.
In middle school I would change in the bathroom stalls during gym class.
My family makes me angry a lot
but with out them I would die.
not many things make me angry...
i am in love with Harry Potter, clothes, shoes,
and the computer.

I adore ketchup but hate tomatoes.
My friends think I'm insane.
I like to think that I am creative.
When I was little I wanted to be a zoologist.
My favorite word is 'bloody'.
I have a temper.
I am a walking miracle.
I don't wear underwear under my sweat pants.
I can't live with out coffee.
I am secretly married to Daniel Radcliffe.
I broke my best friends heart.
I've had my heart broken.
I eat about 5 meals a day.
My favorite food is Phish food ice cream <3
I have O.C.D.
I can't go through a day with out screaming 'fuck' at least once.
I want to eat a burrito with an eskimo before I die.
My nick name is thunder cunt.
My favorite movie is 'What’s eating Gilbert grape?'
My favorite veggie is broccoli.
I can't spell for shit.
I can't stand kids.
I never want to get married.
I like cats more than dogs.
I wish I could fly.
My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast
I love singing at the top of my lungs when I'm alone in the car.
I am almost always cold.
I want to be a writer, and an english teacher.
I wish I had a British accent.
I am afraid of spiders, the dark, and heights.
I tend to trip a lot.
I have a habit of talking really loudly when I'm drunk.
My best friends name is Amanda.
I babble in my sleep.
I wish I were straightedge.
People think it's weird that I love Harry Potter so much,
But they will never know that it's one of the things keeping me sane..♥
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Self Injury is not a disease, its a symptom.♥

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